Calm Seas pine needle basket


Shipping to United States: Free

11”w x 3.5”t x 3”deep (interior)
This is the first completed coiled pine needle basket since we moved to N.C. in January 2020.

The colors of the basket are inspired by a small glass cabochon in greens, turquoise, gold, and bronze, that I painted then sealed with resin.

The cabochon is backed by leather. I added pine needles around it by attaching them to the leather with sinew.

About halfway up I began adding bear grass and twisting the coil. The dried grass is the ivory color in the coil. Most of these needles were dyed by me in a black walnut bath, made from the walnuts off our tree in Napa, California.

I’ve wrapped the coils part way up with cotton embroidery thread and finished the top rim with a handful of beautiful vintage 1940’s wound lamp glass beads to pick up the tangerine thread in the base of the basket.

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